Image of  Warp Transmission - Tamám Shud LP

Warp Transmission - Tamám Shud LP

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Straight out of Tampere Rock City – these Finnish fiends are the bastard children of Blue Cheer and Monster Magnet (McBain era natch!) – but do not panic, this is no retro show, they are not throwbacks or wimpy psych wannabe shoegazers – this record ROCKS and it ROCKS HARD!
Originally released on cassette, Creepy Crawl was totally blown away by it and we knew this had to come out on LP/CD – Tamam Shud is part live rehearsal recordings and the rest created at their own Kemian Laboratorio – 8 face melting freakouts with layers of effect laden guitars, spaced out organ and synth and thunderous bass and drums. Remastered for CD/LP reissue and cut loud…. This is unrelenting psyche-rock at its finest… 500 LP / 1000 CD… setting up for a full length later in 2017.
Warp Transmission is a freak accident, the weirdo process ultra, a travel void of reason. It’s spaced out, stoner,psychedelic, wastoid, heavy ‘n’ heady ROCK.
It’s about riding blind the primal urge, living the archetype, and always rocking out with an excess of noise, burning some bridges and crossing a couple abysses along the way.
01. Black Dots
02. Hash Time I
03. Cast into the Process
04. Hash Time II
05. Confusion
06. Great Oceans in the Sky
07. Hash Time III
08. Archetype: Brainfry
09. Outro
Warp Transmission:
Ville – guitars
Jere – guitars
Pekka – bass
Jussi – bass
Jesse – drums
Lede – synth/FX
Kari – voice, organ
Finnish freaks are encouraged to buy copies directly from the band.

Listen here:-

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