Creepy Crawl has unearthed another heavy jewel from the underground - Over Gain Optimal Death from LA - Since first stumbling on a cassette some years ago and being BLOWN AWAY – I was determined to release something by this band - ploughing the same ground as the Japanese masters like High Rise, Mainliner and Les Rallizes Dénudés, mainman David Jasso has just completed a US tour playing with Narita of High Rise fame - expect heavy riffs and LOUD solos, vocals screaming to be heard above the maelstrom - classic power trio vibes.

Numerous and unforeseen delays have dogged this release, hence the now overtaken catalogue number, Creepy Crawl now finally unleashes the debut 12" vinyl from this heavy psychedelic beast, Featuring 5 cuts of unrelenting heavy fuzz rock, eschewing fashion and trends – this is guitar abuse on a Vox teardrop, not to be confused with 'psych' or 'psyk' or any other namby pamby tag you can think of - limited to 500 copies on BLACK vinyl