• Image of Comets On Fire - Field Recordings From The Sun LP

Newly remastered and back in print on vinyl! Field Recordings
From the Sun is the second album from West
Coast skull-peelers and daisy-wilting psychedelic stormtroopers
Comets On Fire.
Joined by an armada of friends and hangers-on—including
Tim Green of the Fucking Champs (who also produced)
and Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance (soon to be
a permanent member)—the band erects towering tombs of
natural ethereal beauty and pure sonic destruction set
above a cosmic freight train of unhinged riffs and jagged
grooves. And their drummer is more than happy to perform
naked, you don’t even have to ask.
“Field Recordings From the Sun demonstrates that melted
guitars can sound just as good as the real thing. Maybe better,
for that matter. This is old school being funneled into
the future, garage rock unearthed from the tomb and infused
with solar energy. These four Bay Area fellers grafted
echoplex and oscillators onto a hard rock trio from hell and
discovered that the results are a stoned avant-rocker’s wet